The environment


It is our pleasure to show you our land. It is part of who we are, and how we live.

Aleny is a small rural town at the top of a hill, surrounded by fields of cultivated land and oak and holm oak forests, an undulating and welcoming landscape where our family has worked the land for many generations.

Cal Farrés is in the small rural town of Aleny (population: 24) at the top of a hill.

Our history goes back a long way: the first written records of our family date back to the 11th century, when a castle was built here, remains of which can still be found in what is now the manor house of Cal Farrés. Since then, these stones have borne witness to the construction of new buildings and the creation of the town around them, and how its people have adapted to prevailing circumstances and needs. In this way, by making use of the old buildings and livestock facilities of Cal Farrés, we have fitted out the cottages of La Farraja and Les Corts.

During the restoration of these buildings, we have sought to respect the traditional architecture as much as possible and endeavoured to achieve a balance between a rustic feel and a comfortable, functional feel where guests can welcome and share with you these stones, walls, and vaults that remind us of our ancestors.

If you look around you, you will see a landscape worked by farmers. With different fields in each season, this is our way of life, our raison d’être.

There are peaceful paths and walkways that lead from one place to another on a bike ride or on foot. Each corner is a new landscape, and each season has its own scents and colours. We would like to share with you these paths which we love, and which we are sure will welcome you and make you feel as close to the land as we do.